Why does your house stay unusually dusty?

Answer How the hell do you know that my house is unusually dusty??? You creeper!!!! By the way I don't dust often... so that could be the reason.

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How to Make a House Less Dusty?

A dusty house makes rooms look unclean, and excessive dust may irritate people with respiratory issues such as asthma. Some people also have dust allergies. Dust settles on almost all items in the ... Read More »

I clean every single day, but my house is still dusty, WHY?

Ever since I put hardwood floors in my house, I've had the same problem! Dust is everywhere, all the time! Man, that old carpet of mine sure kept the house clean by collecting dust and hiding it fr... Read More »

Needed aplace to stay when a friend offered us to stay at her apt she was living at her parents house we all and the landlord agreedcan can she?

AnswerNo, I believe in most States that if she willing allowed you to move in her dwelling that she has to give you an eviction notice and thirty days to find somewhere to go.See a Lawer or I belie... Read More »

My mouse has been getting unusually jumpy around me. What is the best thing to do?

hahahaha. no wonder why he's getting jumpy. lol, anyway, buy rats they're nicer.. well, if you still like the mouse(i thought you said moose at first) then put on some soothing music and rock him t... Read More »