Why does your head ache when you get too much sleep?

Answer I used to sleep more than 8 hours but i feel fine when i get up but sometimes i have headache if i sleep more than 10 hours and find myself thirsty so i go to the kitchen and drink water.

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Can a jaw ache and tooth ache cause a head ache 10 POINTS!!!!!?

The link between teeth and headaches often involves something known as bruxism. This condition is marked by a grinding or clenching of the teeth (when you bite). After clenching or grinding the tee... Read More »

Why does your head hurt if you sleep with your feet more elevated?

I sleep like that to defy gravity, i'm not gonna have a saggy butt, or boobies............x

Have too much of head ache problem due to strace do u know any tips to reduce it?

If you are talking about estrace...then you need to try cutting it in half, might not need that strong of a hormone..But if it is stress you are talking about try to find out what is causing ... Read More »

Headaches :( does any one know how i can clean my head ache?