Why does your hd tv turn off then right back on after about an hour or so of use?

Answer Might need a software update mine did mine is a jvc lt-42pm30 and it needed an update this update is supposed to fix tv turning off and on, picture freezing, tv going into service mode and other is... Read More »

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What would cause a pool light to consistently shut off after an hour and then turn back on 20 minutes later?

Overheating? Yes and no. With this new answer. The sensor is trying to tell you something. You possibly have a problem with the light assembly or it's wiring. The light needs to have a GFCI instal... Read More »

Sanyo tv that when you turn it on it will briefly come on then shut right back off and after a few tries it will not do anything at all?

mine too,if u unplug it 5 or 6 times it will stay on i dont get it

Why does my kitchen hot water faucet turn cold right after turning off and back on when it was hot before?

Faucet water filters are designed to remove contaminants from water that has already been filtered by the municipal water treatment facility. This may sound odd at first but water treatment plants ... Read More »

Can I drink milk, then after about 5 minutes orange juice right after?

You can always drink milk before orange juice, you can never drink orange juice before milk.