Why does your dishwasher leave a white film?

Answer A dishwasher repair man said that the number one cause of white film and drain line buildup is from using the gel style detergent. His comment was that this is for low temperature washers and most ... Read More »

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Why does your dishwasher leave grains on your dishes?

How do i get my dishwasher to stop leaving white powdery film on my glasses?

I used to have this same problem a few years ago.It could be one of a number of things, or a combination:1) You might have hard water causing the residue.2) You might be using more detergent than y... Read More »

What causes a white film on glasses when they come out of the dishwasher and how do you prevent it?

You paid an annual percentage rate of approximately 57.4%. Working through the math, the dishwasher was $250 if bought outright. You paid $20 at the time so you were financing $230 ($250 - $20) an... Read More »

How do you get film off your dishes in the dishwasher?