Why does your child keep getting croup?

Answer Sometimes an infection can cause such a high white cell count. In that case the count comes after properly treating the infection. If it persists other investigations may be required to find out th... Read More »

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How to Care for a Child With Croup?

Croup is usually found in young children. The characteristic of croup is the cough that is often described as a seal bark. Most parents can treat croup at home. Be sure to call your doctor for guid... Read More »

How long fever last when a child as croup?

I am 15 and i have croup, is this weird?

You do not have croup. If you are under 6 it is croup over 6 it is called bronchitis.

Is croup reoccurring?

People come in all sizes, so it is not "bad" to be your size. However, it does shows that you definitely eat more calories then you burn and you are not keeping average weight for your height So, i... Read More »