Why does your child keep getting croup?

Answer Sometimes an infection can cause such a high white cell count. In that case the count comes after properly treating the infection. If it persists other investigations may be required to find out th... Read More »

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How to Keep Your Child From Getting Fat?

The rates of childhood obesity are growing, especially in places like the United States where fast food and processed foods are inexpensive and readily available. When children become overweight or... Read More »

Why does your 7 month baby keep getting diarrhea?

It is best to call your doctor for diarrhea issues in infants.

How Does Lotion Keep Your Skin From Getting Dry?

Moisturizing lotions help skin retain its own water supply, according to the Mayo Clinic. These oily compounds seal in moisture to treat or prevent dry skin.

How do you go about getting your girlfriend to sign over her rights to your 3-month-old baby if she does not want any responsibility for the child?

Answer You have to file a complaint with the courts. You must beable to prove that she is an unfit mother. She may give up the child effortlessly, but legal documents still have to be signed. De... Read More »