Why does your cat defecate outside the litter box?

Answer While cats are easily trained to urinate and defecate in the litter box, cats also are notoriously picky and may stop using the box for a variety of reasons. Reasons can vary from medical reasons... Read More »

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Why do cats pee outside of the litter box?

Cat pee outside the litter box is an important issue to address. Do not simply clean up and forget about the mess, and do not punish your cat. The issue can be as simple as cleaning the box more of... Read More »

How to Get a Litter Trained Cat to "Go" Outside?

Ugh! The cat peed on the carpet again, but it's gonna keep happening, isn't it?Litter training is hard, but with these simple steps, well, no more cleaning up the carpets!

Why is my cat going to the bathroom outside the litter box?

Of all the things you provide for your cat, the litter box takes the most thought. Try to see it through the cat's eyes, not yours. If everything about the litter box isn't just right, the cat migh... Read More »

How does a buzzard defecate?

Buzzards defecate the same way other animals do--through an opening at the end of the digestive system-- called the vent in birds and the anus in people.Digestive PathBuzzards have a two-chambered ... Read More »