Why does your car stall when you drive through a puddle?

Answer AnswerA car will stall when driven through standing water if the ignition system is not watertight. Worn spark plug wires and coil wire, improperly seated spark plug wires, or loose distributor cap... Read More »

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Why go does the steering stop working when you go through a puddle?

the weight of the care is sufficent do cancel out the speed and so the care hydroplanes and the wheels ride on the water which gives absoulutely no traction.

Can going through a puddle ruin my car battery?

Passing through a normal puddle should not ruin a car battery, in most cases. However, it depends on the condition of the battery, its location, splash protection items and how much water splashed ... Read More »

When the rain puts a stream/river in your road, is there a way to tell if it's safe to drive through it?

We get a lot of flooded roadways here in central Texas when it rains. A few years ago they came out with a saying that sums it all up. "Turn around! Don't Drown!" We've even had a school bus full o... Read More »

Why Does a Car Stall When You Brake?

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