Why does your brother masturbate?

Answer Boys and men masturbate because it is a way of relieving their sexual frustrations without a partner. It is safe and enjoyable, but private and personal.

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Is it ok to masturbate with your brother?

Using your brother to masturbate is probably wrong. Just kidding, you mean masturbating together. What can be wrong? You are both male, you know what each other look like naked, and you both want t... Read More »

Can you masturbate your brother?

Is it ok to masturbate with your brother and how would you ask him?

its OK if you want to see what other dicks look like compared to your own. i would maybe talk about masturbation with your friends. that is what i did and we end up all masturbating together but we... Read More »

Can a sister masturbate her brother?

It is wrong for a sister to induce masturbation with her brother. It is a private action and your brother can masturbate on his own.