Why does your breath stink when u wake up in the morning?

Answer I believe because when you're sleeping you are not building up saliva so your mouth gets dry, salive washes away bacteria that builds in your mouth when you sleep its dry so nothing is washing away... Read More »

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Bad breath when I wake up in the morning?

Everyone has bad breath in the morning, so before school or work, brush your teeth or use some oral care that we can find here… in order that we can cure ... Read More »

Why do your eyes hurt when you wake up and turn on the light for the first time today in the morning?

because throughout the night, the muscles in your eyes were relaxed due to the darkness. when you wake up, your muscles suddenly contract so that less light can enter your eye. it contracts in orde... Read More »

Why does a dog's breath stink?

A dog's breath is never particularly fresh as it cannot brush its own teeth or chew gum as humans can. Bad breath usually has a simple explanation, but in some cases can signify a medical condition... Read More »

Bulimia.... why does my breath stink....?

Two reasons: 1) the bacteria collects in the back of your throat where the brushing won't reach; sometimes mouthwash will help, but generally if you are using it that far back, it will trigger your... Read More »