Why does your back constanly hurt after the birth of your baby?

Answer probably because you are used to the weight of the baby on the front of you and then is all gone at one time when the baby is birthed

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Does your vagina go back to normal after you have a baby?

Yes, the vagina shrinks back to normal size after birth.

If you still have your hymen does it hurt to give birth if your pregnant?

I take it you got pregnant at a clinic then. The so called "hymen" doesn't actually exist; it's small folds of skin around the muscle and when having sex the first time one can burst with bleeding ... Read More »

Im pregnant does it hurt your baby if your boyfriend cums in you?

No, normal intercourse during pregnancy doesn't affect the baby.

Did you cry when you first saw your baby after giving birth?

I bawled uncontrollably through tears, my sister in law was too terrified to cry or speak, and my best friend was too exhausted and had to be helped to even hold her little one.The reasons for the ... Read More »