Why does your back constanly hurt after the birth of your baby?

Answer probably because you are used to the weight of the baby on the front of you and then is all gone at one time when the baby is birthed

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Does it hurt when a mother is giving birth to a baby?

Yes IT hurts a lot but it's a pain that's worth it because you have a baby to love at the end of it! You soon forget the pain otherwise mothers would only have one child.

If you accidentally take birth control while pregnant will it hurt the baby?

No because the pill is just estrogen. I was eight weeks along before I found out I was pregnant and the whole time I continued to take my birth control pill. The baby was healthy. ( I spotted and t... Read More »

Will it hurt the baby if you were still taking your birth control pills when you found out you were pregnant?

Answer More than likely everything with baby is fine. Don't stress about it. Your doc will probably give you an ultrasound soon.

If you are prgnant and dont Know yet and you are still takind Birth control pills could it hurt the baby?

Answer Hello,Birth control pills taken during early pregnancy can be harmful to the unborn baby and developing foetus. As this is a medical issue I can only advise you. If you suspect you're pregn... Read More »