Why does your baby shake?

Answer Illness, fever, fear or cold.

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Why is it dangerous to shake a baby?

I am sitting in first year psychology in the University of Winnipeg. It is impossible as a human being to generate enough force to damage or even harm a babies brain. The only way to kill a baby by... Read More »

Can you shake your baby hard?

NO! That will kill it. It's called Shaken baby syndrome.

Why would a woman shake after delivering a baby?

Uncontrollable shaking after childbirth is very common. Although this condition tends to alarm women, there are many explanations for the shakes, and most are not serious. Prolonged shaking, though... Read More »

What is the TV episode where any women who has a baby the baby ends up with deformities and shortly dies afterwards and the world is threatened with extinction until one couple has a successful baby?