Why does your babies tongue keep thrusting out?

Answer Galactosemia is a deficiency in the enzymes galactokinase or uridyl transferase, thereby affecting the synthesis and degradation of glycogen synthesis/galactose metabolism.At this point, there is n... Read More »

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Why does my tongue keep going numb?

Hey - Well it is possible that MS can do these things since it can affect any part of the nervous system which then affects most parts of the body.Or it could've just been a random sensation. lol ... Read More »

Why does my baby keep sticking his tongue out and then throwing up?

Infants do seem like they throw up a lot. It can range from a minor spit-up to a major chunder and there doesn't always seem to be a rhyme or reason. However, if your infant is having trouble keepi... Read More »

Could burning your tongue on very hot food leave little dots on your tongue?

Yes if your tongue has been burned by a hot bevarege or food itmay cause some small dots on your tongue. If this happens,your tongue may feel pain, it will probably feel kind oflike sand paper at f... Read More »

Is it okay to frenck kiss your on her tongue or lick her tongue?

yes and it depends on the relationship but if he/she kiss you in her tongue it means she/he like you deeper than friends or depends on your standing