Why does your TV say signal out of range when you connect your PC?

Answer All television signals are generated line by line to create a complete frame and the frames are refreshed continually. The lines and frames are repeated at a certain frequency. In the case of a tel... Read More »

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You get no signal and a blue screen on your tv when you hook up your magnavox nb500mg1f via hdmi to your vizio 42 flatscreen they are both brand new components can someone explain why?

How do you connect your range to a three-prong outlet?

Answers for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains supplies A range, when purchased new, can be supplied with either a 4 prong plug or a 3 prong plug. It is the purchaser's choice and w... Read More »

How is it that your blue ray player says its not getting a signal when 3 other devices in your house are all on line through the same router?

How do you stop your husband to talk about weight in front of your 12 year old daughter when her doctor says she is ok for her height in 50percentile range?

One Suggestion Make an appointment for your husband to discuss the issue with the doctor, or ask the doctor to write a letter explaining the situation and the dangers of your husband continuing to ... Read More »