Why does your GE Refrigerator make a popping sound?

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How to Make a Really Cool Popping Sound?

Have you ever watched old cartoons and heard that odd popping sound? Maybe you thought that was electric or a synthesizer. Well it may have been, but you can do it anytime with a finger and a cheek.

How to Make a Popping Sound Without Using Hands?

This isn't the traditional "Make a vacuum with your mouth then pop". This makes a very clear popping sound and if you get very good you can also make songs with it.

Why do televisions make that popping sound?

It is a form of digital interference (it sounds like 2 metal objects being whacked together). I will guess that the picture will freeze for a second as well , or you might even get a blue screen to... Read More »

Why do my speakers make a popping sound?

When using home audio systems, you might notice that your speakers occasionally make a popping or crackling sound. This can even occur when the speakers are on but not in use. There are several pos... Read More »