Why does your GE Refrigerator make a popping sound?

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How to Make a Popping Sound With Only Your Mouth and Your Hand?

Do you want to be a folly artist? Well, start early by following these easy steps on how to make a popping noise- with only your mouth and your hand!

Why does my refrigerator make a loud thumping sound when it shuts off?

Answer most likelly is your dischage hose touching whit the discharge pan so the motor makes the discharge pan vibrate and when the motor stops that vibration shakes the dicharge hose making it rat... Read More »

Why do my speakers make a popping sound?

When using home audio systems, you might notice that your speakers occasionally make a popping or crackling sound. This can even occur when the speakers are on but not in use. There are several pos... Read More »

How to Make a Really Cool Popping Sound?

Have you ever watched old cartoons and heard that odd popping sound? Maybe you thought that was electric or a synthesizer. Well it may have been, but you can do it anytime with a finger and a cheek.