Why does your David Austin rose have 7 leaves?

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I have black spots on all the leaves on my rose bush - should I cut the rose down or how do I get rid of them?

Blackspot is a fungus that causes black spots about 1/16 to 1/2 inches indiameter to form on the leaves and sometimes stems. The infected leaveslater turn yellow around the spots and eventually fal... Read More »

Does a rose bush have compound or simple leaves?

Rose bushes have compound leaves. They can also, apparently, have the occassional pinnate leaf. See Sources and Related links, below.

What does it mean when rose leaves turn red?

Considered by some to be high-maintenance plants to keep, roses require patience and specific care. Color changes, such as sudden red hues in leaves, can be caused by a few different conditions and... Read More »

How to Make Preserved Rose Leaves?

These are useful to use in certain recipes requiring a decorative element or to provide a faint trace of roses in baking.