Why does your 5 year old have a pin size hole in her perineum?

Answer I think the colors are red and white but i am not sure?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Do you prefer to have your belts on the 'fitting' hole,or do you like to pull it to a tighter hole?

Why does your basement floor have a hole filled with gravel?

This could be an old floor drain. Check to see if you have another floor drain in a different part of the basement....It's not a drain. That is a rough-in or prepared area to install a bathtub or s... Read More »

If you have a hole in your tooth is it normal to have symptoms such as your jaw hurts and your ears head neck and tongue are swollen?

Answer Ni it is NOT normal, pain and swelling are NEVER normal. It is probably caused by an infection getting in through the hole in your tooth. If you don't get it treated by a dentist IMMEDIATE... Read More »

Does the size of the hole in a pinhole camera matter?

On One Hand: Focal Length Can Determine SizeThe pinhole of a pinhole camera acts like the aperture on a traditional camera lens. The smaller it is, the sharper the image will be, and greater the d... Read More »