Why does wikipedia not allow adverts?

Answer Because if they did, the people who actually write the articles might start demanding a share of the revenue.As long as they can operate on tax-free donations alone, they can tell the contributors ... Read More »

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Why do the BBC have no adverts?

The BBC is funded by the sale of television licences (you have to have a TV licence to watch TV in the UK). Other broadcasters have to find other sources of funding, and many do this by selling adv... Read More »

Do BBC have adverts?

Do some Adverts!?

All the time & I think that the people who make them must be either ignorant or just plain inconsiderate. All the time I see these adverts, too many to mention & they continue to come on our screen... Read More »

Help! Adverts always popping up?

I'm guessing you are using Internet Explorer. Whilst you may or may not have a virus, pop ups needn't necessarily be linked to that fact.I would go and install a proper web browser such as firefox ... Read More »