Why does wikipedia not accept advertisment money?

Answer Because the minds at the Wikimedia Foundation are consistently "thinking small". They lack the vision of what could really be accomplished with a well-executed contextual advertising program. (U... Read More »

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Why don't English professors accept citations from Wikipedia?

They have several objections, some more valid than others. I'd rank the top objections thus:1. There is no way to check credentials on Wikipedia. You can claim to have advanced degrees in theology ... Read More »

Why do so many people refuse to accept that Wikipedia is very accurate?

If you honestly believe "that Wikipedia is very accurate," then your standards for accuracy must be extremely low. Sure you have to make concessions in favor of Wikipedia to even be able to compare... Read More »

How to Create a Successful Advertisment?

Advertising requires making your product appear appealing to a potential consumer. To be successful, you will need to show your product in a positive light. Following these steps can help you do that!

Ways to Accept Money Online?

To sell products or services online, you'll need to give customers a way to pay for the things they buy. Online payment processors and e-currency providers, such as PayPal, offer merchant services ... Read More »