Why does wikipedia have so many pictures of penises?

Answer there are so many pictures of penises because wikipedo admins like to paste them all together in a photoshopped collage along with Jimbo's to have a penis version of "Where's Waldo?"

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My preschooler keeps drawing pictures of penises and breasts?

How many servers does Wikipedia have?

How could that be a trade secret? Wikipedia is a non-commercial organisation.Which servers the Wikimediafoundation uses, how many, where they are and what they do can be found here: http://meta.wik... Read More »

How many pictures does 2 GB card have?

there are atleast 1700 snaps you can storeThis is completely misguided. It is assuming that the stored images are only 1.2 MB (roughly a 3.2 megapixel JPEG at 100%). An assumption that I'm not sure... Read More »

Where does wikipedia get these pictures?

Wikipedians are the ones who provide Wikipedia with their images, so most likely, yes, your assumption that people are taking pictures of these at home and then uploading them onto Wikipedia are mo... Read More »