Why does wikipedia have an artical on EVERYTHING you can imagine?

Answer Pros and cons!Pro: Wikipedia is open to everybody that wants to contribute.Cons: It´s hard to assure the utter truthfulness of what it is written.

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Is it weird to write a wikipedia artical about yourself when you're not famous or anything?

Yes it's weird. Wikipedia doesn't like it. They aren't a blog.Read their take:…"Self-created articles are often listed on articles for deletion. Deletion... Read More »

Can u imagine?

History will look back and be thankful for Bush's decisions in Iraq.

How to Imagine?

Imagination is one of the most powerful tool in the world. It helps you to be in a place that you have never been or a situation that has never happened to you. There, you get into the business of ... Read More »

How to Imagine Driving a Car?

Well, there are many ways to imagine driving a car. One way is to think of your special happy place. This is step by step instructions how to drive a car.