Why does wikipedia have ads now?

Answer The simple answer is: you're wrong. It doesn't.Wikipedia does not have ads on its pages, nor does it intend to introduce them.On the page Wikipedia:Advertisements ( Read More »

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Why does a dump of the Wikipedia database have more pages than Wikipedia itself has?

Certain classes of pages, even when in the main "article" namespace, don't count as "articles" for the purpose of statistics. Most notably, redirects! You're probably seeing those, among a few othe... Read More »

Why does Wikipedia have Adversitements now!!!?

Wikipedia does not have ads. Are you sure you weren't on a Wikia site? Wikia is like the for-profit counterpart of Wikipedia. It's run by the same people, and is formatted to look about the same... Read More »

Why Does Wikipedia Have a Bad Reputation for Accuracy?

Because only some inaccurate information is edited out "in a timely manner." Ask John Seigenthaler how long it took Wikipedia to correct the hoax "that Seigenthaler had been a suspect in the assass... Read More »

How many servers does Wikipedia have?

How could that be a trade secret? Wikipedia is a non-commercial organisation.Which servers the Wikimediafoundation uses, how many, where they are and what they do can be found here: http://meta.wik... Read More »