Why does wikipedia allow hearsay as reported in mainstream newspapers?

Answer It's actually a little bit simpler than that. The editor who removed that is much higher up on the Wikipedia hierarchy than you are, and they have earned hundreds of points more in the Wikipedia ga... Read More »

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Hearsay and the Law of Evidence?

The law of evidence applies in court proceedings, both civil and criminal, and governs the admissibility of testimony, documents and other tangible objects. The federal courts utilize the Federal R... Read More »

What does'corroborated by hearsay'mean?

Hearsay is a legal term for when a witness in court repeats a statement made outside of the court. For example, if a witness to a car crash says the driver got out of his car and said “Wow, I was... Read More »

Can police get a warrant by hearsay?

Police cannot get a warrant by hearsay alone. The Fourth Amendment requires probable cause for a warrant, and the Supreme Court has ruled that the alleged information from hearsay needs to be subst... Read More »

How the court viewed hearsay evidence of Stroud v Golson?

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