Why does wikipedia allow hearsay as reported in mainstream newspapers?

Answer It's actually a little bit simpler than that. The editor who removed that is much higher up on the Wikipedia hierarchy than you are, and they have earned hundreds of points more in the Wikipedia ga... Read More »

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Why does wikipedia not allow adverts?

Because if they did, the people who actually write the articles might start demanding a share of the revenue.As long as they can operate on tax-free donations alone, they can tell the contributors ... Read More »

Why does Wikipedia allow edits by Anon IP's?

Wikipedia allows edits by "anonymous" unregistered users for several practical reasons.First of all, even if 25% of all edits by unregistered users are vandalism, the remaining 75% of all edits rem... Read More »

Why does Wikipedia allow complete strangers to write outlandish lies and obfuscations about Rory Emerald?

Because that's what Wikipedia is for: to defame people that you don't like and not be held accountable. Daniel Brandt, Ron Livingston, John Seigenthaler, to name just a few, have all been slandered... Read More »

Why does Wikipedia allow an article about The Swingtips, but not about SEO 2.0?

Why Wikipediots do anything is often a mystery, even though their response to this particular query is extremely predictable: WP:OTHERSTUFFEXISTS. My best guess in this particular case is that Wiki... Read More »