Why does wikipedia against soap?

Answer S.O.P.A(Stop Online Piracy Act) it's a law More info……you can access today that was only yesterday.

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Why is wikipedia against SOPA?

Wikipedia is OK under current legislation, because if you hold the copyright on a work, and ask them to remove the infringing content on their site, then they will do.But -- if SOPA were approved, ... Read More »

Is Wikipedia prejudice against Canadians?

It sure is, Con. And quite right too. I must admit I've never given Canada, or Canadians much thought (as no-one knows where Canada is or what it wants) but now that I've read the article you provi... Read More »

Why is wikipedia advertising soap?

Is this the best argument against wikipedia?

No. The strongest argument against Wikipedia always has the theme that anyone at anytime may alter any article to say whatever they will it to at a given moment. It does not have to be infered from... Read More »