Why does wikapedia have pictures of...?

Answer Why shouldn't they be allowed to have them. It is a way of sharing information, and it is not a site for little children. Even if it was, pictures are a form of information, and the site just helps... Read More »

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Does the couch have to be centered on the wall to hang pictures or does the pictures have to be centered on the wall?

If it's your house do what you want hang the pictures on the floor if you feel like it stop caring what other people think


Go here: out the form, a user will be created for you.

How many pictures does 2 GB card have?

there are atleast 1700 snaps you can storeThis is completely misguided. It is assuming that the stored images are only 1.2 MB (roughly a 3.2 megapixel JPEG at 100%). An assumption that I'm not sure... Read More »

Does a 1.3mp camera have good quality pictures?

It is a trick question because most of people believes that more Mega pixels better the image but it is not exactly true becasue if you have a 20M Pixel camera with bad lens and bad sensor you will... Read More »