Why does wholewheat bread cool toast faster but cool faster?

Answer Things that are dark absorb heat faster than things that are light. It is possible that the wheat toast has more large holes that allow the heat to dissipate faster than the white bread that may ha... Read More »

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Does an ice cube melt faster in cool&dry or in cool&wet?

According to The Engineering Toolbox online, water is a better thermal conductor than air. Therefore, a moist and cool environment, or one with high humidity, will melt ice more quickly than a dry ... Read More »

Does warm air heat up faster than cool air cools?

that all depends on the heat and cool air applied

Does Water Cool Faster in a Refrigerator or Freezer?

Although there are some cases when a warm liquid will freeze faster than a cold one, the science in the case of freezer vs. refrigerator follows intuition. Liquids such as water placed in a freezer... Read More »

Dose warm water freeze faster than cool water?