Why does water taste super cold after eating a mint, cough drop, or brushing your teeth?

Answer Cold isn't a taste. It's a feeling...

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When you have mint gum,Or mint,When you drink water or milk,Why is it cold?

Unless the milk or water actually was cold to begin with, it's just the mint stimulating taste buds and salivia inside the mouth and making it see cooler.

Does eating strawberries take place of brushing your teeth?

I spit blood when brushing my teeth, does this mean I'm going to become a flesh eating zombie?

That...Or Gingivitis, I have the same thing. Or maybe...Just to be safe, lock yourself in a room for a few weeks, alone.

Does anyone out there use hot water from the tap when brushing thier teeth?

Ew yuck, if you'd seen the contents of your hot water tank, you wouldn't do it (thats presuming you havent got a combi boiler)I used to be a gas fitter and the majority of water tanks in your loft ... Read More »