Why does water have an expiry date?

Answer OkIt's not really an expiry date, more of a 'sell by' date. When you make bottled water, the water has to be combined with Ozone (O^3) so your bottled water doesn't get all green and stuff although... Read More »

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Does water have an expiry date?

no but it can become slimy after a long time :)

Season Train Ticket- Can I use the ticket on the expiry date?

The end date on the ticket is the last date you can use it - you might be allowed to get a train very late on the 4th, and not finish your journey until the early hours of the 5th, and that would s... Read More »

Iam trying to understand this why does water have a expiration date Its WATER?

That assume the water has been in the sun whichs makes chemicals leach into the water or has been frozen which does the same when thawed so if it is kept either refrigerated or out of either of the... Read More »

Why bottled water have expiration date if its only water?

I asked that question to the Cocoa Cola salesmen (for the store I work for), he said that they put an expiration on water for two reasons. 1. Because the plastic in the bottle will breakdown. And ... Read More »