Does makeup come with an experation date?

Answer Normally a year for most things, mascara is 3 months. But if it hasn't dried out or gone clumpy it doesn't really matter if you use it longer than 3 months since you want to get your moneys worth! ... Read More »

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Iam trying to understand this why does water have a expiration date Its WATER?

That assume the water has been in the sun whichs makes chemicals leach into the water or has been frozen which does the same when thawed so if it is kept either refrigerated or out of either of the... Read More »

Does water have an expiry date?

no but it can become slimy after a long time :)

Why does water have an expiry date?

OkIt's not really an expiry date, more of a 'sell by' date. When you make bottled water, the water has to be combined with Ozone (O^3) so your bottled water doesn't get all green and stuff although... Read More »

Why does bottled water have an expiration date?

Virtually all food and drinks sold have what is called a shelf life, which means that they can only sit on the store shelves for a certain amout of time, hence the expiration date. It does not nec... Read More »