Why does watching a predator kill its prey create such an extreme reaction in me?

Answer Maybe you were babied as a child? Did your parents shelter you? Not let you see much of the outside world? Animals eating animals is natural. And humans are also animals. Its how the world works. E... Read More »

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Is a sugar glider a predator or prey?

The sugar glider is predator to insects, spiders and other small invertebrates, and prey to owls, cats and snakes. It is a small marsupial that lives in Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania and gets ... Read More »

Is a hermit crab a predator or prey for other animals?

Hermit crabs are prey for other animals. However, being scavengers; they do not tend to prey on live animals and are not considered predators. Their predators would be any larger carnivorous animal... Read More »

Predator Vs. Prey Games to Play With Kids?

Predator and prey games are interesting activities to reinforce ideas such as food webs and animal classifications. Students will have a better overall understanding of relationships in nature. You... Read More »

Predator & Prey Relationships in the Animal World?

Predation is one of the most fundamental interactions that can exist between different species inside an ecosystem. The relationship between predator and prey is based on the concept of energy tran... Read More »