Why does using Facebook always make me feel a little vulnerable?

Answer I know what you mean. Sometimes I stop and think, gosh, anyone could read what I write on here, put the clues together and easily find out personal details. It's scary to think that there are thes... Read More »

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Is there any cure Now I feel very vulnerable to other infections?

And I alwys thought you were much better as a "Bottom Contributor" much for my thoughts

Does Facebook make you feel depressed?

Nope, I don’t use it, believe it or not I have a real life, I’d rather talk to squirrels in a park than baboons on SpaceBook.

Why does having a wound make a client vulnerable to infection?

An open wound, when the skin is torn, cut or punctured, is likely to cause infection, as the skin is the outer covering of the body and among its functions it protects you against germs. A torn or ... Read More »

How do you feel when someone rejects you on facebook..................?

I feel awful, it depresses me when they reject me, i feel, well, rejected.He probably doesnt want you on because, he doesnt want you to see certain things, you know?hes afraid you might embarrass h... Read More »