Why does unwanted music suddenly play on my computer?

Answer Unwanted music can play on a computer for a number of reasons, ranging from the most obvious to the most frustrating. Most of these reasons can be remedied easily once the problem is identified.Ope... Read More »

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Why does my computer screen suddenly look larger?

Change the resolution. Go in display properties, on the last tab i.e settings. Change resolution to 1280*800 click apply.

Why does my computer suddenly freeze up and the curser will not move?

a virus/spyware/adware or not enought ram or disk space will not make your computer freeze to the point where cntl-alt-del doens't work. this is usually an issue with a device driver or a hardware ... Read More »

Dead Computer!! Does anyone know what would cause my p.c to suddenly die ?

Possible causes:CPU overheatedCard (video, sound, etc) failedPower Supply failingMotherboard failingAre there any "beeps" when you turn on the computer? Was there any new hardware added to the com... Read More »

How do you play computer music on a blu-ray?

For a Windows computer: Make sure your blu-ray is connected to your computer, and then open windows media player, find your music, and select Play To. (top-right corner) In the menu, select Blu-ray... Read More »