How long does it take to send this to Switzerland?

Answer If you do standard shipping and not first class or anything. it should take between 2-3 weeks.

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I have this purple bruise. how long does it take to go away?

If I pre-order the next iPhone, how long will it take to arrive and how does Apple control this?

The next iPhone (5) has not came out yet! When it is available for pre-order, probably after the keynote, you will be able to purchase it. It is more like pre-purchasing. It will ship in 5-7 days, ... Read More »

When a person rips out their toenail, how long does it take for this to heal Generally, of course.?

Ah, yes. I had a couch dropped on my big toe and totally flipped the nail off & I had to fly to Chicago the next day & give a speech. I was so afraid someone would step on my toe! Anyway, the be... Read More »

About how long will this take to get braces off if i have teeth like this:(pic.)?

There is no way to say for sure, every ones teeth move at a different rate, so there is no way of knowing for sure how fast or slow yours will move. I can tell you that the younger you are, the fa... Read More »