Why does this happen in the morning?

Answer This might be due to some allergies..Good luck!

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Why does this happen in the morning sometimes?

Being in unfamiliar surroundings and eating different foods can cause gastro upset.

Is this normal/ does this happen to anyone else?

I would encourage you to see an eye doctor.I use to stand up and have to stand there as everything went black and would slowly come back with my eyes hurting. I thought the same thing. I thought ... Read More »

Why does this happen?

the sensory cells i your retina..your rods and cones are not dispersed evenly in your eye. Some are concentrated more centrally and some more peripherally. Your eye can see some things better in ce... Read More »

Why Does this happen to my toe?

You broke your toe. Tape it to the neighbor toe for two-three weeks and it will heal.