Why does this folder keep reappearing?

Answer It's not a virus or anything bad. It's part of the C programming language family. It most likely got installed with another program.Yes, you need it.It keeps re-creating itself everytime you use th... Read More »

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How do I delete a folder on my desktop but keep the pictures inside?

Why does this keep happening?

Yeah it's normal. To stop it, you can lose some weight or buy bigger trousers..

Why does my leg keep doing this?

It probably is a cramp which is commonly known as a "Charley Horse". However, the cramping could be a symptom of something else that may be going on. It could signify a deficiency in any of the fol... Read More »

Why does this keep appearing?

You are being attacked by hackers. Permanently ban them in your firewall. Also update your AntiVirus and do a full service scan. Some free malware protectors are:I prefer Avast, but AVG is just as ... Read More »