Why does this folder keep reappearing?

Answer It's not a virus or anything bad. It's part of the C programming language family. It most likely got installed with another program.Yes, you need it.It keeps re-creating itself everytime you use th... Read More »

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What is a tender red reappearing spot on the lower left side of the back of a toddler?

AnswerSounds like something your pediatrician needs to check. You may check your child's car seat or high chair and see if something is applying preassure to the area in question. Also, if it is ... Read More »

How to protect folder with password, when someone trying to delete the folder?

Folder Guard

How do I change a adobe reader folder to a zip folder?

Leave it alone, since you are clueless. Don't mess it up.

How do I get rid of an unused folder in my email folder list?

Place the mouse over the empty folder that you want to delete and click the right mouse button. A menu of options is displayed.Place the mouse on the "Delete 'folder name'" option--where the folder... Read More »