Who's cruel idea was it to put an "s" in the word "lisp"?

Answer I have thought about that a lot also! Isn't it mean?! Like, "hey whats the matter with you?""I have a Liftpt""A what?"" A liftpt!!!!" Then he runs off and is sad :(

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Did Rod Serling have a lisp?

The Doctor tried to phone Sir Alistair Lethbridge Stewart. "The Brigadier" From his days as a UNIT advisor. The Brigadier made a brief appearance in The Sarah- Jane Adventures, helping to access a ... Read More »

Would you allow your kids preschool/kindergarten teacher have a lisp?

Hmmm. Good question. I don't think I could object to that. I certainly wouldn't mind if one of my children's teachers had a Spanish, German, or southern accent, so I don't think it would be a va... Read More »

Does anybody know were i can download microsoft word becasue I need it for a report. I only have word perfect?

First of all, you are not supposed to download Microsoft Word from anywhere because it is not free. You have to buy. So feel free to go to your nearest electronics/computer accessories and tell t... Read More »

Does Anyone Know Waxx Baby Chick Fest Word,Easter Egg Hunt Word For 3/30,And The Goodwill Word For 3/29?

Baby Chick Fest Word - FLUFFYEaster Egg Hunt Word - HOPGoodwill Word - HELP