Why does the water turn yellow in a fish aquarium?

Answer There are several sources of pollutants that can cause aquarium water to turn yellow, from decaying waste to uneaten fish food. Keeping water clean for fish is an important part of using an aquariu... Read More »

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How to Change the Water in a Fish Aquarium?

One of the most important things you can do to keep your fish healthy is change out the water in the aquarium on a regular basis. It is an easy job, but it requires following a few simple rules.

How to Set Up a Water Turtle Aquarium With Fish?

The secret to setting up a successful turtle aquarium with fish is to gear the tank towards turtles rather than fish. Turtles are generally more difficult to keep, and should be the main exhibit in... Read More »

How many gallons of water is needed per fish in an aquarium?

Generally, fish need one gallon of water for every inch of the adult fish. However, there are other factors involved like the activity level of the fish, how much excrement it produces and where th... Read More »

Why Did Adding New Fish to an Aquarium Cause the Water to Become Cloudy?

There are a number of reasons why adding a new fish to an aquarium can turn the water cloudy. Putting a new fish into an aquarium is stressful both for the new fish and for the fish already present... Read More »