Why does the washing machine smell farty?

Answer That explains why I love Bryon so much, I knew from the beginning he was my dream man Billy Mays! Ahhh..... Ok now out of la la land... Mine gets stinky because of that little thingy on top of the ... Read More »

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How do I get rid of smell in a washing machine?

Cleaning with VinegarSet the washer to the highest load setting and use hot water. Add 2 cups of white vinegar to the water and allow the washer to run a complete wash cycle.Cleaning with Chlorine ... Read More »

How to Get a Gasoline Smell Out of the Washing Machine?

Washing gasoline soaked clothing in your washing machine will leave you with a washer that reeks of fuel. The odors from the washing machine can transfer to other clothing that you subsequently pla... Read More »

Why does the inside of my washing machine smell?

put some apple pie in it then it will smell like pie ROCK ON XD

How do you get rid of nasty smell from the washing machine?

Buy one gallon of distilled vinegar and fill your washing machine with hot water. Make sure you fill it to the brim so you may have to add water from a bucket. Pour in the gallon of vinegar. Let... Read More »