Why does the sun lighten our hair but darken our skin?

Answer :] Hair does not have melonin in.. it just has the colour (natural dye) which fades, like any other dye, in the sunlight.Melonin in our skin protects it. It is what gives it colour, and the darker ... Read More »

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Why does the sun lighten our hair, but darken our skin?

well the sunlight can actually bleach your hair because your hair is just made up of simple proteins and your skin has tiny microscopic pigments that absorb energy such as heat and other stuff. its... Read More »

How can I either lighten or darken dyed red hair?

The easiest way to get your extensions to match your hair colour would be to buy slightly darker red hair dye and dye your extensions. This would be the cheapest and easiest method.If you wanted yo... Read More »

If lemons can be used to lighten your hair...what can be used to darken your hair?

i agree with the coffee answer.. but they make special shampoos for that.aveda

Does window tint lighten or darken when cured?

Most window tints do not change color after curing because the dyes are in the adhesive film. However, windows may look hazy or cloudy until fully dry. Some window tints are optically clear and blo... Read More »