Why does the sun appear yellow?

Answer The sun, which lies at the center of the solar system, looks yellow from the vantage point of Earth. Interference in the earth's atmosphere causes the sun to appear to take on colors.Identification... Read More »

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Why does our sun appear yellow or white?

The sun might appear yellow to the human eye, but its actual color could vary from bright white to possibly even gray without the eye's interpretation of color. Our ability to perceive various hues... Read More »

What color would a yellow cloth appear in sunlight?

If cloth is truly yellow, it will reflect only yellow light. When the sun illuminates yellow cloth, every color in the spectrum strikes it. The cloth reflects the yellow light and absorbs every oth... Read More »

What Are Yellow & Orange Pigments That Appear in Fall Leaves?

Autumn trees produce spectacular colors that draw sightseers from all over the country. Bright yellows, brilliant oranges, vivid reds and even deep purples light up many types of trees in response ... Read More »

Who is the African American actor in the new yellow book commercial where he is sitting with his supposed wife waiting for the book to MAGICALLY appear He was in an 80s or 90s sitcom?

The name is Dorien Wilson. He is from the HBO show "Dream On" back in the early 90's.