Why does the skin on the extremities wrinkle after a bath?

Answer After a long bath or a swim in the pool, you notice that the skin on your fingertips and toes becomes wrinkled. There is a simple explanation for this that involves a substance in your skin called ... Read More »

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Why Does Skin Wrinkle in Water?

You have soaked in a tub or pool for an extended period of time and notice the skin on your hands looks less smooth and more prune-like than when you first got in. The biology behind how the skin w... Read More »

Why Does Skin Wrinkle When Wet?

When you have been soaking in the bath, shower, or swimming pool for a long time, your skin may resemble a shrunken and shriveled raisin, but the opposite reaction has actually taken place to what ... Read More »

Why does human skin wrinkle in water?

Fingers and toes wrinkle after long-term exposure to water. Oddly, other parts of the body generally do not display this strange ability.SebumSebum, a natural human skin oil, is responsible for pro... Read More »

Why does skin go wrinkly in the bath?

To answer your first question:The outer layer skin is covered with an oil called sebum, which protects the skin and makes it waterproof. If you are in water too long though the sebum can get washed... Read More »