Why does the pope wear a yarmulke?

Answer The pope's beanie resembles a yarmulke, but this is a word with Yiddish, Polish and Ukrainian origins that is used to describe the skullcap worn by Orthodox and Conservative Jewish males--not the p... Read More »

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How to Wear a Yarmulke?

Are you Jewish and need to know how to wear a Yarmulke? Well then read on! It's quite simple. A Yarmulke, often called by its Hebrew name, "Keepah" or sometimes otherwise referred to as a "skull-ca... Read More »

Does a Non-Jewish Dad Have to Wear a Yarmulke at a Wedding?

A non-Jew is not required to wear a yarmulke at any time or place---including a wedding---although many consider it polite to do so. The yarmulke (also known as a "kippah") is an outward sign of re... Read More »

What does the pope wear to sleep?

The current pope is Pope Benedict XVI. He was elected as the the Roman Catholic church's 265th pope on April 19, 2005, after the death of Pope John Paul. Pope Benedict, like many popes before him, ... Read More »

Does the pope wear a yamaka?

No, the pope does not wear a yamaka (yarmulke). The white, skull cap worn by the pope is called a zucchetto. It is also referred to as a submitrale because it lies under the mitre, the larger hat w... Read More »