Why does the mouse keep moving on the monitor screen without being touched?

Answer the connection is probably faulty...check all connection points and if it is still dodgy, try another mouse...if that one seems to be fine, you have a problem with your mouse and the best thing wou... Read More »

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Help!! my mac's screen is moving with the mouse!!?

You've turned on zooming, which is part of the universal access settings.Go into the system preferences (under the apple menu), and click on 'universal access.' One of the settings is 'zoom', turn ... Read More »

How do I make my screen smaller everything doen!t fit I have to keep moving my mouse back and forth to read th?

I think what you mean is how do you make the screen bigger. Depending on what monitor you have (LCD sceens in particular) you will have a maximum resolution. Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel... Read More »

How can I keep desktop icons on my secondary monitor from moving back to primary monitor on restart?

See if your graphics card came with software to allow you to customize your desktop (eg. Nvidia's control panel). It may help you manage multiple monitors.

Mouse pointer moving on its own when on the mouse pad?

Remove the back cover and clean the rollers where the ball sits. I use cotton tips with alcohol. If its really dirty, you may have to scrape the built up kunk.