Why does the mother have to eat sensibly when during pregnancy?

Answer Because you have to remember,that when you are pregnant, you have a rapidly, and I mean rapidly growing baby inside your uterus, and they need very good nutrition. Also, if a fetus does not have pr... Read More »

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How to Dress Younger, But Sensibly (And Look Less Young When You Need To)?

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What are the chances the father of a child get custody if he abandoned the mother during pregnancy and even once denied the child and the mother is married to someone else who wants the child?

Firstly, the someone else is totally not relevant. Forget him. Abandoning the mother is between the father and mother and doesn't affect access. Access is still possible. Denying the child previo... Read More »

What happens to a baby when the mother is on drugs during the pregnancy?

Answer There are too many complications for any drug to list here. Please read on for all information on fetal developement vs. drug use. Answer If you ar... Read More »

Why does a mother need to be particularly careful of what she eats during pregnancy?

If the mother cares about her child she should be aware that everything she eats affects the fetus growing inside her.