Why does the mother have to eat sensibly when during pregnancy?

Answer Because you have to remember,that when you are pregnant, you have a rapidly, and I mean rapidly growing baby inside your uterus, and they need very good nutrition. Also, if a fetus does not have pr... Read More »

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What happens to a baby when the mother is on drugs during the pregnancy?

Answer There are too many complications for any drug to list here. Please read on for all information on fetal developement vs. drug use. Answer If you ar... Read More »

How does the mother smoking during pregnancy affect on the fetus?

Very dangerous! Deadly! I'm not trying to scare you but check with your doctor smoking while pregnant can cause death and ADHD Additional Answer: First of all yes it can be dangerous to smoke durin... Read More »

Why does a mother need to be particularly careful of what she eats during pregnancy?

If the mother cares about her child she should be aware that everything she eats affects the fetus growing inside her.

What does it mean when you have low iron and high blood pressure during pregnancy?

Answer Well first if your iron is low you are anemic *not sure if that is how you spell it* you just need some iron pills they are not the best in the world to take they are like horse pills but th... Read More »