Why does the moon affect ocean tides?

Answer The moon causes ocean tides with its gravitational pull. It tugs Earth's water towards it, causing the ocean to pull up and bulge. As the moon traverses the sky, the tides shift.High & Low TidesThe... Read More »

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Are ocean tides affected by the moon?

Yes. In fact, ocean tides are not just affected by the moon; the moon is the main reason tides exist. The moon's gravity exerts a pulling effect as it rotates around the Earth. This pulling causes ... Read More »

When were ocean tides first correlated with the moon?

Johannes Kepler was the first person to discover the link between the tides and the moon. In his 1609 work "De Stella Martis," he pointed out the gravitational work between the Earth and the moon t... Read More »

How does tides affect the coast guard?

Separation in the military (used to be) SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). The US military is not "as military" as it used to be; it's nearly half law enforcement and half the Coast... Read More »

About Ocean Tides?

Seawater rises and falls every day, creating what are called tides. Tides effect the current of the ocean, and knowing the timing of high and low tide is essential for navigation.