Does anyone have a red iris (eye color part)?

Answer Yes, some albinos have red eyes. In their case, it is due to them having no/little pigmentation in the eyes, allowing the red veins and arteries behind the iris to show.

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Does a yellow iris have a fragrance?

The yellow iris, or yellow flag iris, does not carry a fragrance. Its scientific name, Iris Pseudacorus, underscores this as the name derives from the Greek words "pseudo" (meaning false) and "acor... Read More »

New Iris Color Surgery?

The natural color of a person's eyes is determined by the amount of melanin, the distribution of blood vessels, and the texture of the tissue in the eye. For years, optometrists have prescribed col... Read More »

Is it normal to have two iris colors in both eyes?

Yes, some people have this condition called Heterochromia! It's rare but it doesn't mean you're going to die!

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