Why does the government hide this from us.?

Answer Well, I don't know but I have some personal experience in thinking that MY DOCTOR didn't want me to get better from rheumatoid arthritis.!!!I kept asking him, a rheumatologist if he thought my join... Read More »

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Why does the government try to hide their conspiracies?

Need to hide this from the dentist. PLEASE HELP!?

Hiya,Well done on weight loss that's amazing! You did so well without any 'help' from making yourself sick so if you can try to stop please do - I am saying this from experience only. I used to mak... Read More »

Ok I just want to make sure I get this straighten the tax rebate FREE MONEY from the government?

They're telling us it's free money....but it is the government, so their story could change at any time.

Genetically modified foods government secret trying to hide truth or false?

It isn't up to the Government but the industry, so it is falseDune