Why does the google logo link to crop circles?

Answer I will take a stab at this because I was confused too...I think it might have something to do with Surrey, England, where on September 15, 1985, a “flying saucer” was spotted. However, if you ... Read More »

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How to Explain Crop Circles?

Crop circles are patterns created in fields of grain. They can be simple circles, or complex geometric patterns. Crop circles are a highly controversial topic as people have many theories about whe... Read More »

How to Make Crop Circles in Photoshop CS3?

Crop circles are mysterious round (sometimes highly detailed) patterns that somehow appear without any disturbance or attention in the middle of a field of grain crops. Although crop circles have g... Read More »

How come when i search something on Google then click the link it opens up a new page(Google Chrome Browser)?

its in the search search something (anything!), then go to the options wrench (on the side), then click on search settings, then uncheck the box that says Where results open: Open e... Read More »

What does"TM"mean on the Google logo?

The letters "TM" next to the Google name stand for the word "trademark". A trademark is a registered mark that represents a company or its products. In the case of Google, the trademark identifies ... Read More »