Why does the full tv picture not appear on my widescreen tv?

Answer there should be a menu button on your remote,get in to the screen settings and re set it to either widescreen or 16:4 just keep trying the options it will sort it,ive just done the father in laws.

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Do black bars appear on the top and bottom of the TV screen if you do have a widescreen tv?

Typically, not if it's set up correctly. But do be aware that the aspect ratio that you might see on DVD movies may still put some of that letterboxing up even on a high-def TV, since the dimension... Read More »

Full screen / Widescreen?

Widescreen is the way the movie was made and the way it was designed to be watched.Full screen movie edits are an abomination to the film industry and should never have been introduced to begin wit... Read More »

Widescreen Vs. Full Screen Movies?

DVDs are often available in two screening formats: widescreen and full screen. Widescreen is the original format viewed on the big screen while full screen is the modified version of a movie to fit... Read More »

Can I watch widescreen DVDs on a full screen TV?

Widescreen DVDs watched on a full screen TV will show more of the picture (mainly the sides) than if a full screen DVD was being watched a full screen TV. The only downside is that there will be bl... Read More »