What has made my CORDYLINE leaves fade so much?

Answer You answered it, has recently been subjected to high winds and light ground frost.Apply water soluble fertilizer and 1/2 rate and hope for the best. Do not over water or the top will rot.Now go dri... Read More »

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How many leaves are needed to make tea from malunggay leaves?

Harvest about two or three malunggay tea leaves. This should get you at least a 1/2 teaspoon when properly crushed, which is about how much you need for a cup of tea. It's all dependent upon taste,... Read More »

How does one care for the houseplant Ivy Why do some develope light green leaves and those leaves dry up?

Does a spruce grow leaves from bare wood?

Spruce leaves are evergreen needles that do not grow from bare wood, but instead each needle grows out individually on a woody stem. The needles are short, under 2 inches long, and form an alternat... Read More »

Taper fade vs fade(haircuts)?