Why does the cactus have needles?

Answer Answer #1The cactus has needles to lessen the loss of moisture through evaporation. Needles are the cactus plant's equivalent of leaves. The smaller the leaf or needle surface, the less the loss of... Read More »

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How to remove cactus needles?

You need to use something with adhesive on it. A heavy duct tape or the wax strips used by people to remove hair from unwanted areas. You want to apply the tape/strip to the affected area and th... Read More »

How do you get out cactus needles out of your hand?

Try pulling it out and putting some proxide on it( its going to burn)

Does cactus have roots?

Yes, cactus plants have roots. Specifically, a cactus plant needs roots to take in moisture and dissolved nutrients from the soil. It is upon this underground supply of moisture and dissolved nutr... Read More »

Why does a cactus have a thick stem?

Enlarged stems carry out photosynthesis and store water. Unlike many other succulents, the stem is the only part of a true cactus where this takes place. Much like many other plants that have waxy ... Read More »